Glitchpunk Is Coming To Steam Early Access August 2021

Glitchpunk is a top down action and adventure game, similar to the original Grand Theft Auto games, but set in a futuristic environment. Much like those games, it is very much the case that you’ll get to “borrow” other vehicles that you like the look of, as well as causing as much carnage as possible.

I do love a police chase in a video game, and with the 10 levels of police escalation that is on offer, this certainly sounds like a great way to kick back and relax by causing as much mayhem as you can.

One of the features that has been mentioned is the ability to control NPCs. Right away I got Jedi mind trick vibes from this, so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. This could be a great way to cause diversions in the game, or to take out numerous enemies in one go by getting them to turn on each other. It’s an interesting mechanic for sure!

The screenshots do make the game look like a lot of fun, and with a promised 8 hours of gameplay from launch, and an update to follow soon after launch, this really looks like a game that has a lot of potential.

The game is available to add to your Steam wishlist at this link and will be available to download from the 11th August.

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