Kaze and The Wild Masks Announced

A new platformer that has been inspired by retro sidescrollers inclduing Donkey Kong Country has been announced by Soedesco. Working in collaboration with VOX Game Studio from Brazil, Kaze is a rabbit that is able to carry out some serious platforming!

Kaze is on a quest to help save Hogo from a terible curse that has spread it’s way throughout the Crystal Islands. Skills and abilities are utilised through the use of masks in the game which adds a unique approach to the system. When I heard about this, I immediately thought of the masks in Majoras Mask (which certainly isn’t a bad thing).

The game will feature 30 playable levels along with over 50 bonus levels.

A release date for the game isn’t available yet, although it does have a store page is available on Steam, with other plaforms yet to be announced. The game certainly is reminiscent of older pixel art style games, it and does look beautiful.

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