The Nintendo Switch is a portable and home console hybrid that is making waves, worldwide. There are hundreds of quality games available for it both in the physical format, as well as on the Nintendo eShop. The eShop in particular has a lot of indie developed games that are a great addition to any Switch collection. Below is a list of reviews for some truly stellar Switch games.

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre – A bonkers, top down shooter that brings a lot of gore to your Nintendo Switch

Blazing Chrome – A fast paced and frantic sidescroller akin to the Contra series. Be prepared for a real challenge.

Crashbots – The goal is simple, get your robot to the finish line before it’s energy runs out. Sounds easy, right?

Giga Wrecker Alt– Robots being destroyed and then used to smash up other robots? Side scrolling carnage at its finest.

Horizon Chase Turbo Inspired by games such as Top Gear and OutRun, Horizon Chase Turbo is a fast paced racing game.

Hotline Miami Collection– Hotline Miami 1 and 2 touch down on Nintendo Switch. Should you answer the ringing phone, though?

Party Hard A strategic simulation with a disgruntled player who just wants a decent nights sleep. He’ll get this at any cost…

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer– A re-release of the N64 classic. It’s fast paced racing at it’s finest. Now this is pod racing!

Turok Dinosaur Hunter– A launch title for the Nintendo 64, Turok’s original outing is ready to be hunted on Nintendo Switch!