The Nintendo Switch has seen some truly amazing games from smaller development teams by way of the eShop. It’s now time to add another excellent game to the list; Crashbots


Crashbots is in effect, a run and gun shooter. It’s quite a curious one actually, in that the levels in it are short, but giving the challenge with them, this isn’t a bad thing at all.

As you would expect, you take control of a robot with the aim of the game getting to the finish line. However, there are plenty of obstacles in your way that are determined to make sure you don’t reach the end goal.

Said obstacles range from anywhere from cardboard boxes, to spikes as well as electrified fences and huge mallets. Having said that, it’s not just the vaious obstacles that you need to contend with.

Additionally, it’s important to collect star on each run (three per level), as well as the various coins that are avialable. Collecting the stars will allow you to unlock new levels and collecting the coins will allow you to upgrade your robots.

The upgrades are actually pretty important since they allow you to not only increase the power of your gun, but also increase your shield strength. More importantly, there is also the option to increase your power capcity. Given that power is depleted when you move or when you’re hit by an enemy, it’s crucial in the later levels that you have upgraded your robot to make it to the finish line. The addition of collecting the stars and coins does add an extra element to the game.


The game really is a little beauty to look at. Not quite side on, and not quite top down, the game does have a unique look. Tied to this is the simplistic but excellent looking 3D models that are used in the game. The levels are vibrant, and the sound effect add well to it. Even the menus are laid out properly which is handy, since there are quite a few to navigate through, depending on what you’re wanting to do.


In Crashbots, you’re going to die, a lot. However, much like is the case in games like Contra, this is part of the learning experience of Crashbots, as well as part of the fun. SInce the runs are so short, it’s never the case that you’re left reeling that you spent a large amount of time on a level before falling at the last hurdle.

It does have that ‘one more go’ appeal that a lot of game are adopting, which makes this a great addition to the Nintendo Switch.

The updgrade system is definitely a way to slightly reduce the challenge presented by the game. Having said that, in later levels, it is pretty tough to get through it with your stock robot. As mentioned above, it’s also neccessary to collect coins and stars. Sometimes these are located in particularly dangerous locations and therefore it ramps up the challenge when it comes to collecting them. At the end of each level, there is also a run down of how well you’ve done. This is a nice overview of what you need to improve upon the next time.

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Challenge


Crashbots is an excellent run and gun game on Nintendo Switch. It’s challenging, but extremely rewarding when you finally nail a level you’ve been having issues with. It deserves it’s place on your NIntendo Switch and is highly recommended.