If something has ‘Turbo’ in the title, you know it’s going to be good. Take Street Fighter II Turbo, or the Porsche 911 Turbo for example. Both of these are excellent products in their own right. Now it’s the time for Horizon Chase Turbo to carry on this tradition…

Horizon Chase Turbo is a curious game. Much like it’s predecessors of old, it draws you in with the ‘one more go’ effect, and before you know it, it’s 3am in the morning and you’re still playing the game.

HCT plays a lot like OutRun and Top Gear which is not a bad thing at all. A lot of games have tried to emulate the style of both of these beloved franchises in the past and have failed miserably. This isn’t the case with Horizon Chase Turbo.

Given that the graphics are bright and vibrant, you might be excused for thinking that HCT is an easy game. It is far from it (but it isn’t crazy difficult, either). It is actually pretty close to Snowboard Kids as well. This might sound like a strange comparison that a driving game is like a snowboard one, but in terms of controls, they are extremely similar. Both games require you to pick the best racing line and the right vessel to get to the finish and should you choose the wrong one, it’ll cost you. It does also feel like Out Run, especially when you crash! However, a big difference between the two is that in Horizon Chase Turbo, there are not any checkpoints.

Speaking of crashing, be mindful of bumping into the back of other drivers. When you do this, you can actually edge them over the finish line meaning that they end up beating you. It’s funny when it happens, but a bit annoying as well.

The audio designers of the game also deserve a huge pat on the back with this one. The music is reminiscent of 90s racing games and it fits the feel of the game perfectly. The sound effects are great too and it really does add to a much more imersive experience. As an added bonus, the horn sound effects included in the game are actually really funny.

Upgrades aplenty

When the game is booted up for this first time, practically everything is locked apart from World Tour mode, including the cars. However, as the game progresses, you will of course unlock the tracks, modes and cars.

The cars do actually handle differently and even after I had unlocked other cars, I found myself going back to one that’s extremely reminiscent of an F430. All of the cars in the game are modelled after real life counterparts, including the DeLorean, although this time it doesn’t need plutonium to run!

As you would expect, the better you do in races, the more points you earn. Scattered around the tracks are tokens which also contribute to your points. Should it be the case that you manage to finish first as well as collecting all of the tokens then you’ll get a Super Trophy. On numerous occasions I just missed out on getting the last token and re-started the race. Doing so helps you to get to grips with your car of choice and it really does make the whole process a lot more enjoyable. There’s also no shame in ‘lifting off’ either. If you continuously hit the gas you’re going to end up crashing into a barrier, or another driver.

Another thing to consider is fuel management. Scattered throughout the track are fuel tanks that will replenish your lost fuel. If you don’t fill up in time, your race will come to an end. Also, it’s important to use Nitrous properly. On some tracks there will be extra pickups, but be mindful that once they’re gone, they’re gone.

A new mode has also been introduced for the Switch and Xbox One versions; Playground. This is a set of races that are playable online and you’re able to upload your best times to share with both your friends as well as  sharing it on the global leaderboards. The cars that you have already unlocked are also upgraded which means that everyone is on a somewhat even playing field. This is actually a really nice twist for those that don’t always have people on hand to get in on a bit of multiplayer action. Speaking of which…

Multiplayer done right

For those of a certain age, they’ll fondly remember huddling around a TV with three other friends and doing your best to thrash them. Be it on Mario Kart 64, or in GoldenEye. Yes, the massive surge in popularity in online gaming has meant multiplayer games have never been easier. However, there’s a lot to be said about four people getting around a screen and having a great time. This is something that Nintendo still strongly believes in, and it’s clear that Aquiris believes in this, too. Horizon Chase Turbo supports 4 player local multiplayer and it’s a great way to spend a few hours without having to worry about K/D Ratios and the like.

The game is available now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam

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Horizon Chase Turbo is an excellent racing game for Nintendo Switch. It mixes the elements of OutRun and Top Gear Rally and wraps it up in a package that makes it the ideal companion for a 5 minute play session, or a 5 hour one.