It takes a certain kind of game to be classed as a stand out shooter these days. With the likes of COD and its yearly rehashes, a lot of people have been turned off of shooting games.

The poor sod in the red suit wasn’t fast enough!

However, a tasty new title has just been released on PC and Nintendo Switch; My Friend Pedro. This review is based on the PC version of the game. The premise of it is extremely simple, you need to kill anything that gets in your way, whilst also having your banana friend Pedro give you hints and tips.

With respect to the gameplay, it feels a lot like the Trials games in that you’re trying to be as fluid as possible with your moves. Of course, when it comes to the Trials series, you’re not actually killing anyone!

Regardless, you are awarded points on how you take out your enemies, with the best possible rank at the end of the level being S. This can range from offing them with a well placed headshot, to giving them  a good old kick! Kicking enemies that have your back to you, or are coming out of doors is actually really rewarding. Whilst it sounds a bit cheap to do it, I genuinely found it a funny way of getting rid of your enemies. Of course, there is a style element to the game as well. Thanks to your ability to slow down time, it’s possible to bounce off the walls around you and make every kill a much more stylish one. In fact, the better you carry out your executions, the better your score is at the end of each level. It really does become quite addictive chaining the moves together to increase your combo. It’s also crucial to dodge from enemy bullets during the levels. This can be done by hiding behind boxes, as well as doing a spinarooni  which effectively sees the bullets fly past you.

Stringing combos together is crucial to getting a better score

 As an added bonus, for those that have a compatible Nvidia graphics card, the Nvidia software will capture your highlights in each level. This is perfect if you want to upload the footage onto YouTube.

The levels themselves are just the right size, along with the right level of difficultly. As you progress through the game, more guns will become available to you so you’re not just left with dual handguns for the entire play through. Since the levels aren’t overly long, it makes playing through them again to get a better high score a total pleasure. What is even more impressive is the fact that the game is built by Dead Toast, with their staff list consisting of just one member. What isn’t surprising though is that in the 10 days since the game has been released, it has sold over 250,000 copies on PC and Switch. This is nothing short of exceptional for an indie title.

Graphically, the game looks really good and is buttery smooth. Whilst the character models do look extremely similar, they get finished off so quickly that this really doesn’t matter. It is a pretty looking game, though.  The sound track is on point, as well as the sound effects from the various guns in the game. The sound track does add an edge to the game and again, considering this is from a one man team, it’s bloody spectacular.

My Friend Pedro is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.
A review code was issued from Indigo Pearl for the purposes of writing this article.

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My Friend Pedro is a bonkers, over the top action game that deserves its rightful place in your games library, be it on Nintendo Switch or PC.