SnowRunner is the latest driving simulator from Saber Interactive. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the PC version of the game.


The aim of SnowRunner is simple; expand your trucking empire across some truly fantastic landscapes. It reminds me of Euro Truck Simulator 2, except this is much more hardcore. There’s a real element of strategy in the game, and by going in full pelt, it wasn’t the first time that I actually got severely stuck!

There are a variety of control schemes, but I opted to go for using an Xbox One controller when playing the game. What I really like about it is that when it comes to even selecting gears, you’ve got full control over this. There is the option to go fully automatic, or to select AWD as well. This is a much welcome change compared to some games that force you to learn challenging mechanics right out the bat. By going into the game in automatic mode, you can get a better feel of the trucks you’re using, and as your skills increase, you can take a more manual approach to the driving.

For those that have a steering wheel in their setup, the game will be even more immersive.

The tasks that are available are varied; as are the terrains and ask you get used to each vehicle it does give you a proper sense of achievement. One mechanic that you’ll need to get used to is using your winch. When you do get stuck, sometimes you’re able to get out of the bind you’re in by gently rocking your truck back and forth. However, it’s much more productive to use the winch along with the power from the trucks engine. On more than one occasion I attached the winch to a small tree, only for it to fall over. I actually found this really funny, and it’s good that Saber Interactive are having a bit of fun with the player.

There are also 40 trucks available in the game, and these are customisable as well. The trucks include those from Ford, CAT and Chevrolet. As an added bonus, after launch mod support will be made available for those on PC. Likewise, it is also possible to play with your friends in co-op multiplayer. This is perfect for really tough tasks that require heavy machinery as well as experienced drivers.

And that’s the thing with SnowRunner, it doesn’t just feel like a driving simulator. It also feels like a full on strategy game and it’s that element that sets it apart from the other driving games out just now.  Whilst it’s free to replenish your fuel, you need to work out just now much you’ll need for the task in hand. Should you fill up, risk it, or select a truck that that is more equipped efficiency wise for the task in hand?

Away from the tasks in the game, remember that this a free roamer. It’s a lot of fun to drive around over the landscape and pushing your truck (and your skills to the limits). Thankfully the learning curve isn’t too step. Instead, it’s a rewarding curve.


The game is absolutely beautiful! Saber Interactive have done a brilliant job on the graphics on this one. Since so much time is spent circumnavigating deadly terrains, it makes sense that the terrains look as good as the possibly can. This is certainly the case in SnowRunner. Even on lower hardware settings on PC, it’s visually impressive. What really struck me is how great the water effects are, even when this is turned down to low in the settings menu. Of course, when the snow starts to fall and the sun is rising from the horizon, regardless of the platform you’re playing on, it’ll look amazing. The team really do deserve a big pat on the back for this.


The game does sound great, with some nice tunes to it as well. The sound effects are spot on and it adds to the overall impressiveness of the game.  This ranges from the general noises of the engine, and also the noise that is made when you hit a tree, wall or something else suitably solid. One feature I would have liked to have seen would be the option to import your own music library into the game. Failing that, being able to add radio streams to the game. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, it would just be a nice little addition.

SnowRunner is available now on Epic Games, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One.

SnowRunner Review
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SnowRunner is a brilliant game and you really need to use your head when playing it properly. It’s a relaxing driving simulator with a mix of intense driving moments as well. Highly recommended.

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