The New Pocket Go 2 for me worked for a small period of time, before the D-pad stopped working. I then contacted Bittboy (via the Retromimi contact form) and was told I’d get a replacement silicon pad that would resolve the issue. It didn’t.

I was then told that another pad would get sent out, and if that second one didn’t work, I could either get a refund, or a replacement unit. I never got the second silicon pad, nor was the offer for a refund or a replacement upheld. I was told I could get $10 back, which is awful for a device that doesn’t work.

After this, I was told that the refund would be tricky, and I could get $10 off another order instead. That isn’t acceptable. I’m not going to buy another one of these faulty items.

Some plus points

One thing I will say though is that the screen on the unit is really nice. It’s much nicer than some other offerings on the market which, considering the price point, is a big bonus.

Additionally, the performance of the device is good. Using the stock firmware SNES games including Yoshi’s Island play really well. Even some PS1 games such as Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 works well. However, this is moot when you consider that the D-pad fails to work properly and the analogue stick is sub par.

If you have big hands, holding the Pocket Go 2 isn’t an issue. I’ve got big hands and it was still extremely comfortable (for the short time I could play the thing properly).

The fact as well that the firmware is loaded onto an SD card that can easily be removed is also a nice feature. This is much better than have to crack open the case to swap out these cards with one containing custom firmware.

A curious development

In addition to this, I had an affiliate account with Retromimi to get a small commission if someone buys the PG2 through one of my links. Bittboy (who own Retromimi) closed down the account. The reason for this is because they have ‘standards’.

Given the fact that this review page is actually position 3 in Google, and I’ve driven a lot of traffic to their sales pages, you’d think that they wouldn’t do this. It seems like a coincidence that I would ask for a refund, and then my affiliate account was shut down.

If you want a real handheld device, get yourself a Nintendo Switch instead and save your money on garbage like this.

  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


The New Pocket Go 2 is a big let down. Between a D-pad that’s now broken, and support that says I can’t get my money back (but I can get money off of another unit), I wouldn’t recommend this console. The D-pad issue is something a lot of people have seen, and it’s not the case I was heavy handed with it.


Brilliant Screen




Analogue stick is a bit so so

D-pad broken

Rubbish customer service

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