Shadow Man Returns to Nintendo

Way back in 1999 (oooft, it hurts even just writing that), Acclaim released Shadow Man on a variety of consoles, including the Nintendo 64. It was noted at the time for being one of the most adult orientated games to ever be released on a Nintendo platform.

Fast forward to 2022 and Shadow Man has been remastered by the NightDive Studios team, who also carried out the excellent re-releases of Turok 1 and 2 (two other games from Acclaim that achieved cult status on the beloved Nintendo 64).

Shadow Man was really a game ahead of it’s time with its dark story line involving serial killers and transversing between the land of the living (Liveside) and the land of the dead (Deadside). Having played it on several occasions as a ten year old, I do remember how scary it really was.

It is out now on Nintendo Switch, and ideally I’ll be able to post a review of it soon.

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