Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Is Coming Your Way!

BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is a completely bonkers twin stick shooter that is blasting it’s way to a system near you! The game revolves around Lou, who is none other than the son of Satan. His goal is to rid Hell of the big companies that have turned it into a land of fancy housing and rubbish shopping malls. Of course, there’s only one way to do this; wasting everyone that gets in his way!

The game certainly doesn’t take it seriously, and for the Nintendo Switch especially, it’s great to see a more mature orientated twin stick shooter. Hopefully it’ll provide an excellent challenge. The screenshots and video attached below really do point to an excellent, over the top shooter.

The game is being release on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4 on October 10. Expect a full review of the game upon release.

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