Rigid Force Redux Is Coming To Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

Hands up if you’re a fan of side scrolling shooters like R-Type. Well, good news! Headup and com8com1 are bringing their brilliant side scrolling shooter, Rigid Force Redux to the Switch and Xbox One this summer. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

Looks pretty amazing, right? As you’d expect, there is the ability to power up your craft with deadlier weapons to make sure you can clear as many enemies as possible, a must when they’re coming at you thick and fast!

The game also uses a feature called ‘Force Shards’. These allow you to block the incoming attacks from your enemies as well as being able to shoot all around you, and not just directly ahead. This actually reminded a lot of Truxton in terms of the powerup side of things, which is a very good thing in my humble opinion.

Rigid Force Redux is definitely going to be a game that has the ‘one more go’ effect to it. Luckily, because it’s on the Switch, this won’t be a problem. To add to the re-playabiilty of it, there’s going to be online, global leaderboards as well so you can really show off just how good you are! Expect a full review come launch day.

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