Star Wars Jedi Outcast Headed to Nintendo Switch

In a lovely piece of retro news, Jedi Outcast is seeing a re-release on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released back in 2002 on PC and then later on in the year on Xbox and Gamecube, it was one of many Star Wars games on the Gamecube.

For those that have never played it, it stars Kyle Katarn who embarks on a rescue mission for his friend Jan Orrs. However, he soon realises that he must once again embrace the Force in order to battle through the scum and villainy across the galaxy. As you would expect, with a Star Wars game, there are plenty of hapless Stormtroopers to take out along the way, as well as plenty of lightsaber battles, too.

It was a pretty game back in 2002, and it’s good to see that the re-release hasn’t been tarted up. Whilst an HD remake is always nice, Jedi Outcast already had a great look to it and it’s good to see that this hasn’t been tinkered with.

The port is being handled by Aspyr Media, who have previously been able to bring KOTOR over to Android devices.

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