RICO: Breakout DLC Now Available

RICO, released last year on home consoles as well as PC was well received by the press and gamers alike.

The latest expansion to the game, ‘Breakout’ is now available to purchase and download. In addition to it having three new weapons, it also contains a brand new level with you being stuck in prison. There’s one objective, to take out the enemies before they take you out!

This is a refreshing update to the game, and it’ll certainly keep you on your toes. Peronsally, I’ll be picking this up on Nintendo Switch. The more FPS games on it, the better. You can buy this DLC through the dashboard on your own console. If you are looking to buy the base game on Steam, you can get it directly on Steam. Alternatively, you could pick it up on Humble Bundle which also helps to support charities.

Happy gaming!

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